Sole Giménez in Presuntos Implicados




Year after year during a career of twenty three years, Presuntos Implicados built a reputation as solid song makers with a very particular and unmistakable style. Gently, they kept surprising with unmistakable songs, that are now a part of the history of pop music in Spanish. “En la oscuridad” “Alma de Blues” “Como hemos cambiado” , “Mi pequeño tesoro” ,“Todas la  flores” or “Gente” opened new horizons, maintaining their familiarity to the ample cohort of followers, who kept loyal to the music of this trio during three decades.

1983 - Danzad, Danzad, Malditos

cover-danzadanzadThe road for all this time was tough. The group was formed in 1983 in Yecla (Murcia), the Family town of two of the founders: Juan Luis Giménez, songwriter and guitarist, and Sole Giménez, songwriter and singer. Both of them were born in Paris and lived there for a part of their childhood. Right from the start, the formation of the group went through different changes. Pablo Gómez-Trenor stands out as the first bass player and guitarist, who was replaced later on, in 1985, by another excellent bass player, Javier Vela. After the precocious success that came with the unexpected first prize in the national radio contest, “Don Domingo”, in 1983, with the song “Miss ciurcuito” (Miss Circuit) came the first LP Album, “Danzad, danzad malditos”, which implied that “uncertain first step” for the band, that would be followed by a period of draught.

1987 - De Sol a Sol

cover-desolasol1Four years later they returned backed by a very small independent firm, and with a splendid new album under the arm, “De sol a sol” (Twenty-four seven), in which Nacho Mañó participated as a producer.

This is the start of a long-standing and fruitful professional relationship with whom later on became the third member of Presuntos Implicados.

De sol a sol” 1987, oozed talent and good-doing, presenting a promising set of fresh songs, with a new female voice and a different plane, altogether, a group up to the challenge in live concerts.

From this album stands out “En la oscuridad” (In darkness), a song written by Sole, with music by Nacho, and which is virtually the first song with the sound of real soul in the history of music in Spain.

That is, both, because of the theme and the sound. Brilliant. It was the single of the year in Radio 3.

1989 - Alma de Blues

cover-almadebluesSoon after, and as a colophon the key album in the evolution of the group arrived: “Alma de Blues”, a first great work for Warner, in which they hit it up with the right formula and there came some more hits. It was the result of a mixture of talents with a common aim.

From this LP some songs stand out: “Cada historia”, “Me das el mar”, “La noche”, and especially moving, “Alma de Blues”.

This composition was Sole’s idea as a homage to her admired Billy Holiday. With this album, the group managed to define an unmastakable style, and a unique space with which they stood out in the national panorama and opted for a greater audience. The great public listened to them!

1991 - Ser de Agua

cover-serdeaguaSer de agua was launched in 1991 and this work reflects the quintessence of the group with a collection of songs that left their audience speechless. All this makes this work a stepping stone and it involved a qualitative leap in the national panorama of music.

Some of those songs have been like hymns for some people and will be remembered by generations such as the big hit, “Cómo hemos cambiado”.

This has a perfect melody composed by Juan Luis and on it Sole invokes in the lyrics an old friendship with a unique chorus that would leave a mark on a whole generation.

1994 - El Pan y la Sal

cover-elpanylasalAs early as 1994 “El pan y la sal” was published. Broadly speaking, this was an excellent continuation of the “Ser de agua” (Water being), although in this some work formulae were being adapted to the new necessities of the group members, who decide to work separately in the production of the songs.

In this work, the trio hits it up again with songs such as “Mi pequeño tesoro” (My little treasure), a tender and maternal song written by Sole in the sweet moment of her first maternity and that got the group closer to other generations.

1995 - La Noche

cover-lanoche1When it seemed that all had been said, “La Noche” arrives, in 1995, with the spectacular challenge of turning the live concert into a record. That was the end of an age, and it was a palpable token of the quality and the different possibilities that the group could offer live.

In the “Palau de la Música” of Valencia, in the key of Latin-Jazz, together with some great Spanish musicians of jazz, they presented a show in the traditional quintet format, backed up by a great orchestra and some special guests, interpreted successively their most familiar songs from their repertoire, revising their whole career. They had the collaborations of Ana Torroja or Teo Cardalda, and it included a bilingual version of “Fallen”, by the emotive duet formed with the voices of Randy Crowford and Sole.

The result was outstanding and unrepeatable.

1997 - Siete

cover-siete1The following album came out 1997, “Siete”, gave way to an unpublished repertoire and to the exploration of new possibilities, both as a working formula: preferring individual development, and also in the sonority of the songs, sometimes more pop-like.

An example of this was the successful “Todas las flores”, written by Juan Luis, some others making an approach to the intensity of the ballads with electronic flavor, as in the case of “Palomas” by Sole, a sound that was to be very fruitful later on.

1999 - Versión Original

cover-versionoriginalVersión original” (1999) was the bet of the trio for their more Latin side. This was formed especially by boleros, Brazilian pieces and songs as emblematic as “Te recuerdo Amanda” (I remember you, Amanda), written by Víctor Jara.

A whim, in their own words, that got them even closer to the Spanish speaking public and gave them the opportunity to collaborate with great bolero composers, like Armando Manzanero and of Brazilian music, like Milton Nacimento or Toquinho, or even the then new talent, Pancho Céspedes.

2001 - Gente

cover-genteGente” published in 2001, was staring the song that gave name to the album, composed by Nacho. With this, the group reaffirmed its creative capacity and their constant effort in a long career to keep evolving as musicians.

Although the work in this record is individual, there is a common language among the three. It was clear that for each album they explored new territories without giving up their own identity, which is unmistakable and recognizable.

2002 - Compilations

cajasrecopilacion-fotoprens1Soon after, “Grandes éxitos – Selección Natural” was published to commemorate the group’s 20 years of existence.

Besides, another album was launched of rare songs, called “Selección Inédita”. In this, there is a broad perspective of the work carried out by the trio from Yecla to Valencia, through three decades where stands out the version of the Stevie Wonder song, “Es una historia”, which was the only novelty in this album.

2005 - Postales

cover-postalesFinally, in 2005, “Postales” arrives. “No one can stop the clock’s arm or the calendar…”

This is the 11th album and the last one of Presuntos Implicados. The album is a collection of rich and different snapshots that honor the diversity that surrounds them and of which they are participants and promoters. To such an extent, that it can be said that in this album there are three records in one, given that the group members worked separately. They left behind the times of team work and then they only got together to shape the live concerts up.

Moreover, in this album there is a significant exception: “Postales”, the song that gave name to the whole record was not composed by any of the three members of Presuntos Implicados. It was written by Manuel Veleta, Sole’s and Juan Luis’s younger brother.

2006 - Farewell

It seemed that it was just a matter of time that one of the three members decided to leave the group because of the lack of coincidence that characterized the latter period. It was Sole the most affected by the adverse circumstances set within the group, according to her statement released in January 2006, announcing her departure from Presuntos Implicados after twenty years of career with them.

Together, they faced the last tour of theatres in the format of an acoustic trio, revising the jewels of their repertoire. These last concerts were a moving farewell. On May 26th, 2006, the group performs in Altea in a very emotive concert, which was the last one.

This final act was the end in the history of the group, formed by three great musicians with different ways of understanding music, who wanted to meet in the same style, conquering thus a beautiful dream. It was a group that made the difference, both because of their unmistakable and unique musical style, and because of their peerless quality. Very few groups have harvested so many hits and respect from the public, lasting so long and improving continuously, always betting for the best music.