Sole Giménez



SoleGimenez02_opSole Giménez has been one of the most versatile, unique and prestigious singer songwriters on the Spanish music scene for the last twenty-five years.

She was born in Paris and showed interest in music from very early on. At the age of nine, she composed her first songs, and at eleven she started singing in the children’s choir at the Basilica in Yecla, Murcia, after the family returned to Spain.

By then, music had become a vital part of her life, and she joined various folk and traditional music groups.

Sole in Presuntos Implicados

cover-danzadanzadIn 1983, when she was twenty and studying Fine Arts at San Carlos University in Valencia, Sole began a new musical adventure with her elder brother, Juan Luís, forming the group Presuntos Implicados. Her close association with the group from 1983 to 2006 drove Sole’s artistic development as both a singer and songwriter.

Sole’s unique voice, with its expressiveness, charisma and very personal style helped propel the group to the top of Spain’s prolific music scene in the 1990’s. The group made its mark with memorable compositions like “Como hemos cambiado” and emblematic tracks like “Alma de blues” and “Mi pequeño tesoro”.

Sole recorded eleven albums with Presuntos Implicados, gaining popularity all over Spain and Latin America. The group toured extensively overseas and sold over three million records.

Sole Giménez, Solo Career

solelive1-021In the thirty years she has been composing, Sole has written close to 100 songs. As a singer she has shared the stage and recording studio with eminent artists like Joan Manuel Serrat, Herbie Hancock, Ana Belén, Milton Nascimento, Paco de Lucia, Randy Crawford, María Dolores Pradera, Víctor Manuel Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Ríos, Jaques Morelembaum, Chano Domínguez, Toquinho, Jorge Pardo, Antonio Serrano and many others.

In 2006 Sole set out on her solo music career, consolidating her distinctive style and personality in the five albums she has recorded (as a solo singer) to date. The devotion of her audiences in Spain and Latin America has encouraged her to face a new challenge: Revisiting the songs that made her famous. Her new album, out in September this year is:

2014 - Cómo Hemos Cambiado

cover_como_hemos_2Cómo Hemos Cambiado”  ( Sept 2014). This album is Sole Giménez’s latest work. She looks back on her most emblematic, evocative and best known work and adds three previously unreleased tracks, making this album an emotional autobiography of the past thirty years of her life and music.

Sole revisits songs like Cómo hemos cambiado, Mi pequeño tesoro, Alma de Blues, Fallen and En la Oscuridad, Llovió, with characteristic elegance. She uses her natural, intimate and evocative voice to splendid effect in a new sound with great accompanying musicians like Jorge Pardo, Josemi Carmona, Iván Melón Lewis, Pepe Rivero, Perico Sambeat, among others. In this unique, inimitable album they recreate these unforgettable songs to thrill us once again with the beauty of her music.

2012 - El Cielo de París

cover-elcielodeparis“El cielo de París” (Oct 2012) is an album entirely dedicated to the marvellous, enduring favourites of French music. As Sole was born in Paris and heard these songs as she grew up, it was inevitable that she should want to explore them further.

As co-producer of the album, she chose to make them hers with a retro, nostalgic feel. True classics like La vie en rose, La boheme, Les feuilles mortes, and Ne me quitte pas with different new harmonies, rhythms and tone colours make this album a real gem.

2010 - Pequeñas Cosas

cover-pequenascosas_rec“Pequeñas cosas” (2010) is a repertoire of songs by Spanish writers like Joan Manuel Serrat with whom Sole sings an unforgettable duet. Like the preceding album, it navigates through the beautiful Latin Jazz rhythms of boleros, swing, chacarera, danzón and son, taking the songs to a new dimension.

These two albums are a delight, because of the surprising reinventions of each song, highlighted by the performances of an outstanding group of guest musicians and, of course, because of Sole’s exceptional voice which really shines in this style.

2009 - Dos Gardenias

cover-dosgardenias“Dos gardenias” issued in 2009, is the first of two albums where Sole dives into the purest Latin Jazz sound from the genre’s great musicians with a marvellous repertoire of Latin American authors including classics like Aguas de Marzo by Jobim or Esperaré by Manzanero as well as the more modern A Dios le pido by Juanes and Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón by Fito Paez.

Sole definitely makes these old favourites her own and with her personal touch they become fresh and new. This album marks a spectacular new direction in her career, venturing into the style of sound that has been hers ever since. This record took her to great stages like the Sydney Opera House and brings her even closer to audiences who love an elegant, high quality performance.

2007 - La Felicidad

cover-lafelicidad-300x266“La Felicidad” recorded and released in 2007 as a solo album, contains brilliantly beautiful, previously unreleased tracks where Sole resumes her role as songwriter; the feel is still pop soul, but she is clearly moving towards jazz.

Ana Belén collaborated with this album whose production bears the incomparable stamp of the great Javier Limón.

2004 - Ojalá

cover-ojala“Ojalá” released in 2002, is an “experimental album” with electronic versions of an eclectic but coherent repertoire, as Sole reviews beautiful songs, ranging from Marvin Gaye to Eric Clapton, and Madredeus to Piratas; a compendium of exquisite melodies that conquer new sound spaces in this album.


elcielodeparis-fotoprensa21 (1)In all her records, with each composition and performance, Sole’s has a single aim: to explore and recreate beauty. In this commendable endeavour, she is accompanied by highly talented musicians, excellent companions for an exciting journey that knows no bounds or limitations, only a passionate desire to breathe life into the best music.